Foot Clean Scrubber

$29.99 $49.99

You Can Get A Foot Spa Every Day Right At Home! 

The Foot Clean Scrubber easily cleans and massages your feet from heel to toe. No more bending or stretching especially for those with problems reaching their feet!. Perfect for getting rid of foot odor and athlete's foot!  

A Great Bathroom Accessory For All Ages And Perfect For Family Use! 

The bathroom bath foot scrubber is a shoe-like object with more than 1000 bristles on top and bottom. Smooth heels with built-in pumice stone, this stone is detachable that gently cleans and exfoliates your feet. 

Features And Benefits Of Our Amazing Foot Cleaner! 

  • Gives the effect of a massage and pedicure, and keeps your feet clean, healthy and happy! 
  • Removes dead skin, an exfoliator, callouses and heel cracks and after scrubbing and massaging the feet, it improves blood circulation and gives a relaxed feeling to the feet muscles.
  • Secure the foot cleaner with the suction cups that are placed on any tub or shower so that it won't slip away
  • It is a combination of functionality and wellness that was able to help over 10,000 satisfied customers around the world


  • 1(piece) x Foot Clean Scrubber